Cagliari, Sardinia

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The name of the Sardinian capital

Cagliari, means ‘castle’ in Sardinian... and this ancient trading port has been fought over, invaded and settled by hordes of Europe’s seagoing tribes, from the Phoenicians to the Carthaginians, and, of course, the Romans. Today, you don’t need to be remotely seagoing to discover this historic (and highly cosmopolitan) spot – just a decent pair of walking shoes, an Italian phrase book, and a hearty appetite.

Destination overview
  Language: Italian
  Currency: Euro
  Time zone: GMT +1 hour (GMT +2 hours in summer)
  Flight Time: 2hr 45
  Holiday type: Beach, Summer sun, City break
  Weather: Average maximum temperature: 20.8C
Rainfall: 431mm a year
Seasonal Weather
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
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An ancient city with a long history, located in the South of the Island. The city has bags of character just waiting to be explored.

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Must see:
DH Lawrence compared Cagliari to a “white Jerusalem”. And if you start your journey on the hilltop Castello, at the cathedral, you’ll see why. It was given a new facade in the 1930s – and shimmers wonderfully in the sun.

Must eat at:
With predominantly local ingredients and a cellar of over 400 different wines, the Ristorante Dal Corsaro takes its food and drink seriously. Starters of regional favourites, delicious mains and honey-rich desserts are there to be savoured.

Must be there for:
Take an extended tour of some of Cagliari’s more interestingly named sights – structure your itinerary so it takes in Elephant Tower and The Cave of the Viper at the very least!

Well-travelled tips:
For a glimpse into the future, check on the progress of the new local metro at Piazza Repubblica... by 2009 it should have reached the university campus before heading out into the suburbs.
Although it’s been nearly 40 years since the local football side celebrated championship success, heading to Stadio Sant’Elia will enable you to see today’s Cagliari lineup taking on some of the greats of Serie A.

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