Duty Free Shopping

Can I benefit from duty free savings?

There are many reasons people shop at the airport, however there is one reason in particular that you won’t find on any high-street and that’s duty free shopping on items such as tobacco and spirits.

You may be surprised at how many destinations make you eligible for these savings and to keep it simple, we explain everything below, meaning you can just get on with planning your savings.

The following destinations are classed as non-EU for the purpose of purchasing Duty Free products:

  • The Channel Islands (includes Jersey and Guernsey)
  • Belarus (includes Minsk)
  • Gibraltar
  • Iceland (includes Reykjavik)
  • Norway (includes Oslo)
  • Switzerland (includes Basel, Berne, Geneva and Zurich)
  • Turkey (includes Antalya, Bodrum, Dalaman, Istanbul and Izmir)

The following areas are also outside the EU and passengers travelling to these destinations can purchase Duty Free products:

  • All of Africa (includes Algeria, Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia)
  • All of Asia and the Middle East
  • All of Australasia
  • All of North America, Central America and the Caribbean (includes Canada, Mexico and USA)
  • All of South America

See duty free allowances

Help is at hand in-store

If you’re still a little unsure, there is no need for concern as we also have some handy in-store charts to ensure its completely clear what your limits are for all non-EU destinations.

Our flagship Biza Tax & Duty Free store have even put blue and green labels on the prices for tobacco and liquor products, so that it is clear what is available to EU and non-EU customers.

Plus, you can always ask any member of staff in the store and they’ll be happy to help.

Alpha/Biza Label 1  Alpha/Biza Label 2

Look out for these handy labels on tobacco and liquor products in Biza Tax & Duty Free.


What if I’m travelling via the EU?

There’s more good news, as you can still buy goods at duty free prices if you're flying via an EU airport, to a country outside the EU (e.g. East Midlands to Johannesburg via Amsterdam). You just need to be in possession of a boarding card for your final destination.

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