Customer Zone

East Midlands Airport has a duty to ensure the safety of everyone who travels from, works at or visits the Airport site. In order for us to be confident that only competent, safe organisations have access to our site we require all tenants and concessionaires to complete this questionnaire. Please complete all the questions. If the space available for the appropriate response is insufficient, separate sheets should be attached and responses clearly referenced to the question number.

It should be noted that you are responsible for any contractors you employ to carry out work in your area. We expect all our tenants and concessionaires to have robust systems in place to evaluate the competence of any contractors allowed to work on the Airport site.

Following receipt of your completed form a member of the Property Department and the EMA Health & Safety Officer will visit you to discuss your health and safety arrangements.

If you need any assistance with this form please contact a member of the Property Department on 01332 852921. Please return all completed forms by e-mail to:

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