Independent Consultative Committee

The Independent Consultative Committee (ICC) is the formal body in charge of liaison between East Midlands Airport and our neighbouring communities.

It operates according to Government guidelines and representatives from local authorities, amenity and user groups meet on a quarterly basis.

According to the Liaison Group of UK Airport Consultative Committees, an ICC "seeks to hold the precarious balance between the interests of civil aviation, of passengers and other users of the airport and of people living in the area, and of the local environment."

There is now one General ICC meeting and two sub-committee meetings; MENT (Monitoring, Environment, Noise and Track) and TEP (Transport, Economic Development and Passenger Service).

This enables more frequent dialogue between the ICC and the airport. 

2015 Meeting Dates

2016 Meeting Dates

General Meetings

Monitoring, Environment, Noise and Track (MENT) Sub Committee

Transport, Economic Development and Passenger Service (TEP) Sub Committee

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