Fear of Flying?

For the 1 in 6 of us that happen to be nervous or first time flyers, experiencing anxiety when flying can be a barrier to enjoying the great enjoyment of travel. Fortunately there are now a variety of treatments to help those who suffer with a fear of flying:

Fly and Be Calm

'Fly and Be Calm' has been developed using the most cutting-edge psychology to produce a fast and effective 12 minute audio file that will work to drain away your fear of flying.

Based on Nobel Prize winning science this unique technique has been used the world over. Designed to address the intense emotional problems specifically associated with the fear of flying, this technique can even be applied as late as mid-flight. This is anything but a distraction technique and in most cases once the fear is gone it simply doesn’t come back.

Supported by a money back guarantee at an affordable price, this treatment will provide clear results that make clear financial sense.

Please visit the FlyandBeCalm website for full details.

Please note:
The services described on this page are provided by third parties, independent of East Midlands Airport. We make no representation as to their effectiveness, suitability or value. Before undertaking any of these services you should find out more and be sure of their appropriateness to you.

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