Everyone flying into East Midlands Airport from outside the UK needs to pass through Customs and Immigration.

Customs Procedures
Go through the Green Channel if you have nothing to declare. Only go through this channel if you are sure that you have no more than the Customs Allowances and no prohibited or restricted goods.

Go through the Red Channel or report to the red point if you have something to declare. You must declare any goods in excess of the Customs Allowances.

Customs Officers carry out selective checks for the following prohibited or restricted goods:

  • Drugs
  • Firearms and ammunition
  • Offensive weapons (such as flick-knives)
  • Indecent and obscene material
  • Items that threaten health and the environment

HM Customs and Excise needs your help to prevent smuggling. Any passenger arriving in the UK may be asked questions to help prevent the illegal import of prohibited or restricted items.

Meat Food and Plants
There are strict controls on the import of meat food and plants into the UK. If you bring prohibited items or exceed the permitted allowances, penalties may apply.

To check the allowances, please visit the Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs website

Immigration Enquiries
Tel: 0870 6067766

Customs Enquiries

Useful Contacts

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