Local arts projects

We are committed to working with various partners across the East Midlands region to deliver arts projects that have a lasting benefit to the local community.


East Midlands Airport offers two art gallery areas for displaying the work of local artists and photographers, for the pleasure of our passengers and staff. Artists have included graphic artists, textile specialists and photographers.

Applications received are reviewed by an internal judging panel throughout the year.

Wherever your talent lies, we would love to hear from you. Please read the following criteria before you apply for DepARTures:

  • Pieces must be in 2D format.
  • Pieces for display must be supplied with mirror plates for installation.
  • Exhibitions will be in place for approximately three months. These are prescribed by the airport.
  • East Midlands Airport is unable to facilitate the sale of pieces or display prices.
  • Exhibitors are asked to supply a synopsis of their work, titles of their work and business cards to display alongside their exhibition.
  • Exhibitors may be asked to provide quotes for external publications and media releases, and may also be asked to attend photo calls for similar purposes.

Click in the link on the right hand side to download the application form.

Art on the Trail

Art on the Trail is an initiative which aims to develop high quality community art sculptures for the enjoyment of local residents using the airport's perimeter trail. There are now five pieces of artwork along the trail.

  • A series of stepping stones were created and designed with input from local primary school children, by Castle Donington artist Graeme Mitcheson.
  • A 'Dog Tooth Violet Seed' was designed by pupils at Diseworth Primary School after a series of workshops with local artist Sarah Fiander, who then carved the final sculpture from a giant piece of oak.
  • The third art sculpture is titled 'Valentines Tree' and was developed through sessions led by James Swain with a Castle Donington Youth Group, and fabricated by Derby based blacksmith Andy McCallum.
  • The fourth sculpture is called the 'Trail of Life' and was created by a Derby based ceramics artist, with help from a number of local community groups who created mosaic designs for display on the sculpture.
  • The fifth piece is called Sky Ladder and was created by local artist Daniel Jones, with support from a Prices Trust team group from Coalville.

If you are a member of a group that would like to be involved in any future Art on the Trail projects, please get in touch.

Click on the right hand side to download the Airport Trail map.


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