Popular Questions
I have some freight flying in to EMA from China/India/USA etc - where do I go to collect it?

A. A lot of freight flies in to other UK airports and is trucked to EMA under Customs Bond to be cleared locally at EMA. This is often the case with cargo from non-European cities (unless it is flying with DHL, UPS or TNT). Freight from all over the world flies in the "bellyhold" of passenger aircraft in to Heathrow, Gatwick, Manchester and Birmingham and then arrives at EMA from these other UK airports by truck. Most of this cargo goes to the Servisair Transit Shed for Customs clearance so your best bet is to contact them initially on +44 (0) 1332 852 822 and they can probably help you. You will need full details from the airway bill for them to assist your enquiry.

Can I fly my dog/cat from/to East Midlands Airport?

A. There are restrictions on flying dogs and cats - full details can be found under "animals by air" on the navigation bar at the top of the home page.

How long is EMA's runway?

A. The runway at East Midlands Airport is 2,893 metres long or nearly 1.8 miles long. It is the UK's sixth longest civilian runway after Heathrow, Gatwick, Manchester, Stansted and Prestwick.

My freight has arrived at EMA but is held by Customs

A. Unfortunately we as the Airport operating company cannot help you in this respect. You will need to contact directly either the airline which flew your freight or the agent handling your freight. They will need full details from the airway bill to assist you. Contact details are available elsewhere on the website.

What is 'pure' freight?

A. "pure" freight / mail / cargo is a reference to cargo flown on aeroplanes configured solely for the carriage of cargo.
Most cargo flies in the bellyhold of passenger aircraft.
EMA is the UK's largest "pure" cargo airport in the UK.

What is "bellyhold" freight/mail/cargo?

A. "bellyhold" cargo is cargo carried in the bellies of passenger aircraft alongside the passenger suitcases.
A B777 can carry over 30 tonnes of cargo in its belly - as much as a DHL B757-200 Special Freighter.

Who owns/operates EMA?

A. East Midlands Airport is a member of the Manchester Airports Group which owns and operates Manchester, Bournemouth and East Midlands Airports.