Border Inspection Post

East Midlands Airport is approved as a Border Inspection Post (BIP) on the European Union’s “List of Border Inspection Posts”. EMA became operational as a BIP in February 1995. A 4,500 sq.ft, state of the art facility, became operational in May 1999.

The DEFRA website has a very useful section dealing with Border Inspection Posts. Click here to link to the BIP page.

The EMA BIP is approved for Third Countries (non-EU members) imports of:

* Packaged Animal products for human consumption imported at ambient temperatures 

* Packaged Animal products not intended for human consumption imported at ambient

Frozen or chilled goods and live animals cannot be handled at the EMA BIP.

The facility is available H24 by contacting North West Leicestershire District Council, Environmental Health (BIP operators).

The EMA BIP is operated by North West Leicestershire District Council and manned on Fridays as follows:

The first two Fridays of each month         (Wks 1 & 2)    11:00am to 13:00pm

The second two fridays of each month    (Wks 3 & 4)     08:30am to 10:30am

At other times a call-out procedure is operated by contacting North West Leicestershire District Council Environmental Health Department on the numbers below.


Environmental Health - North West Leicestershire District Council

Enquiries Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm:
Tel:     01530 454 556
Fax:   01530 454 574

Out of hours Tel: 01530 454 556
(a voicemail facility is in operation
for out of hours enquiries)

Official Veterinarian - Eville & Jones Ltd
Tel:    0113 284 0400
Fax:   0113 284 0429

The Leicester Animal Health Office
Tel:    0116 278 7451
Fax:   0116 277 0153
For general enquiries about importing animals and products of animal origin you can contact: Animal Plant & Health Agency (APHA) - Centre for International Trade,Carlisle
Telephone: 03000 200 301

Animal Health / Environmental Health can provide assistance on the types of products requiring BIP clearance as the list is expanding all the time.


EMA is also authorised as “a port of entry” for plants, fruit, vegetables and seeds. DEFRA are responsible for the inspection of such imports and the contact is:

Paul Bratby
APHA Plant Health & Seeds Inspectorate
2nd Floor
Apex Court
City Link
Tel:      02082256138( direct line )

The Border Inspection Post is located airside in the 'Critical Part' between the central and eastern aircraft parking aprons. However please note the BIP office is NOT permanently manned and the NWLDC Environmental Health number should be contacted if there is no answer at the BIP:

BIP Tel/Fax:  Direct Line 01332 852 919 (or 01332 852 852 ext.2919)

Image AImage B
Image CImage D


Image AThe BIP is located "airside" within 100 metres of AN124 / B747F / B777F / MD11F size aircraft stands
Image BExternal view of the 4,200 sq.ft Border Inspection Post building at EMA
Image CThe 40 cu.m cold store in the "for human consumption" side of the BIP
Image DFully equipped to handle 88x125 inch aircraft ULDs